St. Patrick, The Most Popular Fest in Ireland

Ireland, like many other countries, is an extremely visited place, thanks to its many attractions and pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Most tourists actually choose to visit Ireland around St. Patrick, a very popular celebration, in order to also catch the parades and experience them. In this article, we are going to talk a bit more detailed about this celebration, so that you can understand it better, and decide if you want to catch it on your next holiday.
First of all, St. Patrick is not only a religious celebration but a cultural one as well. It is held every year, on the 17th of March, and not only Irish people celebrate it, but tourists who are in this country at this time as well. This date is actually the date when Saint Patrick died. He was the foremost patron saint of this country.
St. Patrick is a public holiday in the Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, the Canadian Province of Newfoundland & Labrador, and also in the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. Furthermore, St. Patrick is also celebrated by all Irish people who live in other countries such as Canada, Australia, United

States, Argentina, or Brazil.

In the past few years, there has been a criticism of this celebration due to the fact that it has been too commercialized, and due to this fact it has lost some of its meaning. However, today is absolutely spectacular and increasingly more tourists choose to visit Ireland in March in order to participate at this celebration.
The celebration involves some beautiful public festivals and parades, and also traditional Irish music. There are participants such as cultural organizations, voluntary associations, fire brigades, marching bands, and more. It is without a doubt a massive fest, which, again, you will absolutely love, if you are a tourist and you go to Ireland on March. It is traditional to wear green at this feast, and that’s why you must make sure you take into account this important detail if you are for the first time at this celebration. Green accessories are also a must. Basically, everything you wear must be green. There are five days of celebration, when the streets are really crowded and noisy as well. Locals are very welcoming and warm, and the whole atmosphere is a fantastic one. As a tourist, you will definitely have a great time. In Dublin, the atmosphere is at a higher level, since this is the capital. Therefore, if you choose to visit Ireland, then you must go to Dublin for the fest.
The music, the colors, the costumes, the city lights, the people singing and laughing create a magical atmosphere that will surely impress you. Furthermore, you can enjoy different types of beer, especially the traditional one, Guinness, which tastes fantastic. When it comes to food, you will also be able to try different culinary specialties. All in all, St. Patrick is without a doubt a very impressive fest that will make your holiday a fantastic one, and most probably you will want to return to Ireland.

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