How Irish People Have Fun

How Irish People Have Fun

24th April 2018 0 By admin
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Ireland is a very beautiful country and if you decide to go there on holiday, you will certainly not regret this choice. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit and lots of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and pubs where you can relax with your friends and try the different types of beer. Are you wondering how Irish people actually have fun? If so, then in this article you will find out what are the most famous places to go while you’re in Ireland, in order to have a memorable holiday.


Irish people love fishing, and most of them can’t wait to have some days off to go fishing for relaxation and fun. Northern Ireland in particular, is the best place where you can do this, and if you go there, then you need to go fishing in Lough Erne and Upper Bann. Both have actually held many match fishing world records. The views from here are absolutely wonderful and at least 2 days spent here will certainly help you recharge your batteries and have lots of fun. As mentioned earlier there are many Irish people who choose these two places each time they have some free time.


Ireland is without a doubt a sporting paradise and you can try here different sports for fun. This is what locals do, and they find physical activity not only extremely fun but very healthy as well. What they like the most are golf and hiking. However, if you want you can also try biking and even surfing. Take in mind that the temperatures are quite low even in the summer. In terms of biking, Irish people choose to cycle from Giant’s Causeway with a stop at the Bushmills whiskey distillery. You should try this route as well and you will see how amazing it is.

Pubs, Nightclubs, and Restaurants

When it comes to the nightlife in Ireland, these people are very lucky because they have plenty of pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. Dublin is the most visited city in Ireland, and it certainly has lots to offer. You can find here a large range of restaurants with different cuisines, which we recommend you to try, and see which one you prefer. Then, after a delicious meal, you can have a drink at one of the many traditional pubs, which are very welcoming and the atmosphere is very pleasant and warm. This is what Irish people usually do on weekends, in terms of fun. If you go by yourself on holiday then you can request the services of one of the many escorts that can be found all over Dublin, and not only. Ireland is one of the countries where escort business is a very old one. Also the near capital London has plenty of escorts. From this point of view, you can easily find what you want by having a look on the internet and find an London escort agency: All in all, as you have read in this article, Irish people actually do the same things that people from other countries do. Nothing is different, except for places and atmosphere.